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Due to its geographical location and geological properties, the island of Taiwan regularly encounters natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, mudslides and flash floods, all of which will be exacerbated by climate change. In recognition of this growing threat, the Executive Yuan has been rapidly expanding the function of its National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) since 2009. This includes the creation of the NCSD's working group, the Energy Conservation, Carbon Reduction and Climate Change Working Group, which now serves as a platform for promoting mitigation and adaptation policies. The Working Group is jointly led by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD).


For the purpose of enhancing our nation's adaptive capacity, minimizing the society's vulnerability, integrating regional resources to establish a centralized network, and setting up an implementation basis for policy structure and plan promotion, CEPD entrusted Vice President Liu Chao-Han from Academia Sinica to form a multidisciplinary consultation team, and CEPD further established a Task Force for Formulating and Promoting the Climate Change Adaptation Policy Framework and Action Plan on January 29, 2010. This Task Force is composed of high-level officials of related agencies, experts, scholars, representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGO) and industries. This Task Force will keep on monitoring and coordinating the progress of the Adaptation Policy Framework and Action Plan. After taking into consideration Taiwan's unique environmental characteristics and experience, CEPD has defined eight sectors under the Task Force. More than one of the ministries and councils work together cooperatively in order to implement each sector's adaptation policies. A specific ministry or council is assigned to be the lead agency of each sector as listed below. Each ministry and council may establish its own working group when needed.

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